Thoughts on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

One or two friends have asked for my opinion/review of Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker. I offer these thoughts with full appreciation for the divided opinion that exists amongst fans of the saga.

Put very simply, I loved it. I loved, as I always do, returning to the characters, ships, and settings I’ve grown up watching and imagining. I loved the subtle and not so subtle humour that has always been a part of Star Wars. I loved arriving at some conclusions which I generally found satisfying. And I absolutely adored being swept away one more time by the music of Maestro John Williams.

When I debate with the film’s detractors, it’s just for fun. They know they won’t move me, and I know they can dice me with story logic and more… but I honestly don’t care. I’m a reasonably smart man and am very aware that this latest film was far from being technically perfect, but this story, all 42 years of it, speaks 70% to my heart, and 30% to my head.

Star Wars, the “kids movies not for kids” (with thanks to JJ Abrams), remains for me the ultimate in imaginative escapism, enjoyed by my whole family and most of my friends.

Thank you George Lucas, John Williams, Ben Burtt, JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson, Lawrence Kasdan, Dave Filoni, John Favreau, Ron Howard, Gareth Edwards, Kathleen Kennedy, Bob Iger, and everyone who has contributed to this incredible generation-spanning saga and universe from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Go and see Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker with family and friends, and May The Force Be With You!

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