To Boldly Go: 50 Years After Apollo 11

While I was born in NASA’s Gemini era, I am without a doubt an “Apollo Kid”. I remember watching the coverage of every mission- Walter Cronkite was THE VOICE of space exploration for me. In grade school I found a book containing a transcript of Eagle’s lunar descent, and made many tape recordings where I voiced all the parts, reciting the dialog from memory.

As a mature(?) adult, I am just as excited about the exploration of space as I ever was as a kid, but now have a fresh perspective on the value of “man reaching for the stars”.

Jim Collins calls it “the Big Hairy Audacious Goal”; the North Star all leading companies and organizations challenge for, and that every employee or member is oriented towards. For me, the exploration of space is a great North Star for humanity, and my hope is that the efforts of NASA, ESA, SPACE X, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and the daring national programs of Japan, India, and China can serve to unite us all in the same way Apollo 11 did 50 years ago.

“To Boldly Go…”