Obi-Wan: a John Williams Masterpiece.

It is a surprise to none what a massive fan of Maestro John Williams I am. Since first hearing his new theme for Obi-Wan Kenobi it’s been a slow burn, but yesterday it hit me.

Different from almost all the other main Star Wars character themes (Solo excluded) which were written for a first appearance, Kenobi’s theme is like the retelling of an entire life journey; fitting as we consider Maestro Williams’ own incredible saga.

“Obi-Wan” is majestic and regal (as for a Jedi Master), yet it weeps with the sorrow and despair of battles, lives, and dear friends lost. There is a clear progression towards a moment of decision; the time to re-engage. Finally, the piece closes with a hint towards the nobility and ”purpose rediscovered”, perhaps of his final moments confronting Vader in A New Hope?

This is a masterpiece.

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