How Video Game & Music Tech Have Inspired the NHL

Two of my worlds have officially collided: NHL Hockey and Music Technology. 

If you’ve been watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs, you’ve been witnessing a fascinating presentation that at times feels more like a video game than a live sporting event… and it has been incredible! 

While the visuals- incredible wrap-around video and sequenced lighting, have been a very effective enhancement to the in-game action, the SOUND of the games has also been noteworthy, as crowd noises, home team goal horns, and more, have been effectively blended into the overall experience- with no fans in the stands!

Here is a fascinating read about how this is all being done; essentially a blend of video game technology from EA Sports and music technology from Ableton, which allows the in-game sounds to be performed live!

Congratulations to the NHL, EA Sports, and Ableton for their vision in creating a unique and exciting entertainment experience in the face of adversity.

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